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a new war has started but this is not an ordinary war.  it is important to start documenting this war.  we have had no time to breath between the pandemic and this war.

this decade will be a defining decade in history – already starting with a pandemic killing millions

history does repeat itself simply because humans will do the same thing over and over – it is human nature to love, hate, fight, hurt, help, thrive, war, peace, evolve

as we evolve, we still repeat the bad things that make us human – like creating war

11 days ago, Russia invaded Ukraine

Putin was tired of history not noticing him and he is now determined to put his name permanently into the history books as another hitler or stalin

his premise is that ukraine is being run by neo-nazis and it is up to russia to save ukraine

like hitler, putin has created his own thesis to create war – a thesis that he can sell to the world and to his people

but because we have evolved technically and because we have evolved on the humanitarian side of things – we can reveal the truth of putin much faster than before

the internet, the web, social media, iphones, etc  will give everyone the live view of war from the kids to the grandparents – from nigeria to peru – we will all see and know what is going on – this will make a big difference on how the world reacts to this war on an innocent nation like ukraine

we are seeing the reaction already – every civilized country except china has denounced this war and have denounced the actions of russia

WW III is possible – we must be careful

the following notes will not attempt to give every detail of the war – but just notes on what i see through news, social media, etc

i am not close to this war – only observing from afar – i claim to be no expert – only a student and teacher of history



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