post 12

110 days into this war and time is taking it’s toll on ukraine and the people of ukraine.

the russians will never give up and the ukrainians will never give up

in this scenario, the russians will win the test of time – they have more resources, more soldiers, more bodies to give to the war

the ukrainians will continue fighting until the end

the west will not intervene directly – only continue to give supplies, weapons just like in all the previous quasi wars for the west – in the background, not engaging directly to avoid world war

the war will go on for awhile – maybe 1-2 years and then there will be a treaty in favor of the russians – they will get the eastern region that they are fighting for now

i want to be wrong but with no direct western involvement, the outcome is less favorable for ukraine

the new recession waves, crypto crash, oil price increases, fed rate increases – all pushes this war off the front page – not good for the cause

post 11

Not focusing on numbers in this post though just saw a headline saying 3500 Ukrainian civilians have died.

It has been a few weeks since the last post but we have entered a new stage of the war.

Putin is not going home

Putin is not giving up

The war will go on until Putin is satisfied with the results – which for him will be total victory

He is now concentrating his efforts in the south and east of Ukraine

He is sending more troops, he is sending more tanks, he is threatening to escalate

But this war is different than the past wars

This time, the world is immediately connected, the world is aware of every move, the world sees everything about this war

This makes this a different war – a war that Putin is now fighting against the entire world

The world is standing up to bullies – the world is not looking the other way anymore – and that is because it can’t look away – technology is forcing the world to look, to know what is going on

To think that Putin did not know that the modern world had changed – to think that he believed he could just take over another country – a country that has influenced the world – a country that is connected to the world

This war signifies a change in the way war is waged in modern and future times – the world is now watching from every living room in the world – from every phone in the world

Arms are flooding in from the west to help Ukraine

Intelligence is flooding in from the west to help Ukraine

Russia cannot win but they can keep going until many are killed on both sides

post 10

death toll:

-civilians – 1,892 killed, 2,558 wounded – reported by UN
-civilians – 12,438–12,665+ killed – reported by Ukraine

-ukraine army – 2,000–4,000 killed

-russian army – 7,000–15,000 killed


-Latest developments – russia has pulled out from all of the northern ukraine attacks, including kyiv – and is now focusing on the eastern and southern fronts

-the clear goal of russia now is to create a landbridge from crimea to mainland russia – this means taking over the southern part of ukraine – including the devastated city of Mariupol

-putin is not stopping until he gains this territory

-more tanks and troops are coming in from russia – including an 8 mile convoy going to the front right now

-putin has assigned a new military leader to take over this new stage of the war – a veteran from the syrian war – he shows no mercy and kills civilians

-putin has said that peace talks have hit a dead end – which was his plan all along – deflect, deflect, deflect until he can recover from losses and set up the new plan – take the south and east

-many claims are coming out of ukraine of russian soldiers raping ukrainian women – there are photos surfacing – war crimes are being committed.

post 9

death toll:

-civilians – 1,232 killed, 1,935 wounded – reported by UN
-civilians – 6,378–6,705+ killed – reported by Ukraine

-ukraine army – 2,000–4,000 killed

-russian army – 7,000–15,000 killed


-OK – we have now seen the russian forces being turned back by the ukrainians

-we are seeing the ukrainians beat the russians in this war

-we are seeing ukrainians taking back areas that were held by the russians

-there have been peace talks where the russians have said they will pull back from kyiv and only focus on the southern and eastern campaigns – but many say this is a stall tactic to regroup

-russia now says everyone has to pay in rubles for their oil – which can cripple countries like germany – so dependent on russian oil – why are they so dependent?

-BUT – here is the real problem – the russians always lose at first – and they lose some more – and they lose 1000s of soldiers – but they keep coming back and they continue to level cities with bomb after bomb – just like they did in the Chechen wars – took them years but they eventually got what they wanted

-ALSO – the people of russia are now coming around to Putin – they believe it is them against the world – the story is being crafted by the russian media and intellectuals – the “on-going fight against the west”

-this war is far from over

post 8

death toll:

-civilians – 977 killed reported by UN
-civilians – 4,048–4,254+ killed – reported by Ukraine

-ukraine army – 2,000–4,000 killed

-russian army – 7,000–15,000 killed


-here we are 1 month into the war and here are some takeaways —

-russians have lost 10% of their invading force

-ukrainians are not going anywhere and are fighting better than the russians

-ukrainians are now on the offensive and are turning back the russians

-the russians only know how to send bombs to kill innocent civilians

-the russians have devastated the town of mariupol- turning it to ashes and rubble – all for what? – to create a land bridge between russia and crimea – yes – but at what cost? – killing and bombing innocent people -bombing churches, bombing schools, bombing hospitals – they will regret the day they destroyed this city and these innocent people – this will haunt them into history – they have commited many war crimes

-nato is gearing up for a fight

-biden is in europe now meeting with nato

-nato has said that if chemical or nuclear type weapons are used in ukraine – all bets are off and we will go after the russians – though they might not need our help as the ukrainians are kicking their ass

-the russian defence minister has been arrested – it’s all his fault, not putin’s – for this failing attack by the russians

-5 russian generals have been killed – the most in battle since WWII

-the russian navy is under attack by the ukrainians – ships are catching on fire

let’s see what happens next

post 7

death toll:

-civilians – 780 killed reported by UN
-civilians – 3,000 killed – reported by Ukraine

-ukraine army – 2,000–4,000 killed

-russian army – 3,000–10,000 killed

-russians continue to kill innocent civilians and the ukraines continue to resist the russian advancement

-biden is meeting with the chinese leader to see if they will come to our side – highly unlikely

-china will use this war to gain more control over russian relations – buying oil from russia and getting exports from russia at low prices

-india has not come out against russia – india is making a big mistake not joining the west and condemning russia

-india continues to do business with russia – this will be noted in the history books – india needs to make the right choice and join the west or they will be connected to the deaths of innocent people

-russia held a huge pro-war rally in moscow today – things are not right in russia – very similar scenes to the nazi rallies

post 6

death toll:

-civilians – 691 killed reported by UN – with 97 being children
-civilians – 2,300–2,857 killed – reported by Ukraine

-ukraine army – 2,000–4,000 killed

-russian army – 3,500–6,000 killed

-the russians continue to bomb all the main cities in ukraine – including kyiv – they want to level all of these cities and then go in

-russians have fired over 1000 missiles at ukraine

-3MIL ukrainians have left the country

-the ukraines are pushing back on russia, causing their advances to stall

-300 russian tanks have been destroyed – the russian army continues to look very unprepared

-captured russian soldiers say they can’t go back or they will be killed

-Polish, Czech, and Slovenian prime ministers visited zelensky in kyiv to show their support

-nato forces are building up on the border of ukraine

-biden will visit nato hq to discuss next steps

-zelensky will address the us congress – looking for more support – taking a page from churchill at the start of WWII

-the world has seen how cowardly that these russians are as they relentlessly target and kill civilians – they don’t go after military targets – they target houses and apartment blocks and hospitals – what the hell! – who are these cowards – their day will come





post 5

death toll:

-civilians – 516 deaths reported by UN

-ukraine army – 2,000–4,000 killed

-russian army – 3,500–6,000 killed


-the russians bombed a children’s hospital and maternity ward – they continue to bomb civilians without a care in the world – putin does not care

-the US will now not send the warplanes to ukraine in fear of starting a war with russia directly – but we are already giving arms to ukraine – why not planes too

-congress has just put in a bill to give billions in aid to ukraine

-arms continue to pour into ukraine to help the ukrainians fight against the russians

-russia continues to encircle all the major cities but have not started the battle in Kyiv yet – that will be the main focus

-the russians are definitely surprises by the defense being put up by the ukrainians – they did not expect this – they expected to run right over the ukrainians

-oil and gas prices continue to go up – breaking records every day

-the highest consumer price index in the US since 1981 has been recorded – inflation is going out of control due to the pressure of oil prices and this war

-russians at home are feeling the economic pinch of this war – as many western brands pull out of russia

-there are 3 ways this war ends – treaty between russia and ukraine; russia defeats ukraine and then provokes nato – nato/us/uk invade and overthrow putin; the russian people rise up and overthrow putin

post 4

death toll:

-civilians – 474 deaths reported by UN

-ukraine army – 1500 deaths

-russian army – 4500 deaths


-russia still bombing cities and civilians and bombing civilians while they flee – there is no turning back from these atrocities that the whole world can see

-all of the russian troops that were at the border have now entered ukraine – about 100k troops

-but the ukrainians are putting up a good fight and the russian advances are stalling

-there are reports that 2 russian generals have been killed and that a russian warship was sunk

-these initial results are not what putin was expecting – the ukrainians will fight to the last man – to the last street

-an international legion has been formed by thousands of non-ukrainians coming over to fight for ukraine

-2MIL ukrainians have fled the country – with this number expected to reach at least 5MIL

-biden just banned all russian imports – russian oil and gas – good gesture but it only makes up 10% of US oil imports – there are reports that biden is meeting with other countries to buy their oil – we should just produce our own and not be dependent

-the EU refuses to ban oil from russia – they are too dependent – germany gets 50% of their oil from russia – time to get off that train and get oil elsewhere – this will cripple russia

-a barrel of oil is at a 13 year high – $130 per barrel

-zelensky is back in his office in defiance of russia – he is not scared

-mcdonald’s temporarily closes all 850 restuarants in russia today


post 3

death toll:

-civilians – 406 deaths reported by UN

-ukraine army – 1500 deaths

-russian army – 2000 deaths


-the war ravages on with the russians continuously bombing innocent civilians

-towns are being destroyed – familes are being killed

-but ukrainian’s are winning some battles – keeping the enemy back

-1.5 MIL ukrainians have fled across the borders – being welcomed – given food, clothing, transportation.  Putin is actually shelling the fleeing innocent people – these are war crimes

-oil prices are skyrocketing – getting close to all-time highs – the avg price of a gallon of gas in the US has now topped $4

-the US needs to ban all russian oil imports – we need to become energy independent – this is the time – this is the opportunity

-the problem in europe is that too many countries depend on russian oil – like italy, germany – they need to find new ways to get oil – maybe from the US once we start to drill for more on our own land

-once we all stop buying russian oil – putin and russian will go broke – the war will be over – but it will take time

-many russians continue to protest against the war back home – over 10k have been arrested – this is a good sign for the future – we can possibly turn russia towards democracy once putin is gone

-captured russian soldiers have been brainwashed to think they are liberating ukraine from supposed neo-nazis in charge – which is complete BS – how can zelensky be a neo-nazis – he is jewish!