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-the russians invaded ukraine 11 days ago

-the ukraine people do not want the russians to take over their country

-the ukraine people are standing their ground and fighting against the invaders

-the russians sent in troops from all sides with the ultimate goal of taking the capital- kyiv

-all Ukrainian men are forced to stay and fight – but they want to fight – the women and children are being sent to the neighboring countries – poland, slovakia, hungary, romania, moldova

-60k+ ukrainians and others are returning to ukraine to fight

-the russians are shelling all the major cities – killing civilians, killing people as they try to leave

-the west is responding with sanctions, with supplies, with arms, with intelligence – everything they can do without provoking a world war

-all western companies are pulling out of russia – all banks are turning their backs – the russian economy is falling fast -the ruble is worth 1 penny now

-putin is trying to prevent the real story from reaching his people by shutting down all news sources for the russian people – but it will be impossible and the russian people already know that they have a madman in charge

-hundreds of russians are protesting in russia against this war – they are being arrested – with the risk of getting 15 years in prison

-the leader of ukraine is Volodymyr Zelensky – he is staying put in the capital – he is acting like churchill during ww2 – he is already a war hero – he will fight until his last breath

-putin underestimated the will of the ukrainian people – he is behind schedule – it will be very hard to take the capital

-the poles will now send fighter jets to ukraine

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