post 12

110 days into this war and time is taking it’s toll on ukraine and the people of ukraine.

the russians will never give up and the ukrainians will never give up

in this scenario, the russians will win the test of time – they have more resources, more soldiers, more bodies to give to the war

the ukrainians will continue fighting until the end

the west will not intervene directly – only continue to give supplies, weapons just like in all the previous quasi wars for the west – in the background, not engaging directly to avoid world war

the war will go on for awhile – maybe 1-2 years and then there will be a treaty in favor of the russians – they will get the eastern region that they are fighting for now

i want to be wrong but with no direct western involvement, the outcome is less favorable for ukraine

the new recession waves, crypto crash, oil price increases, fed rate increases – all pushes this war off the front page – not good for the cause

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