post 11

Not focusing on numbers in this post though just saw a headline saying 3500 Ukrainian civilians have died.

It has been a few weeks since the last post but we have entered a new stage of the war.

Putin is not going home

Putin is not giving up

The war will go on until Putin is satisfied with the results – which for him will be total victory

He is now concentrating his efforts in the south and east of Ukraine

He is sending more troops, he is sending more tanks, he is threatening to escalate

But this war is different than the past wars

This time, the world is immediately connected, the world is aware of every move, the world sees everything about this war

This makes this a different war – a war that Putin is now fighting against the entire world

The world is standing up to bullies – the world is not looking the other way anymore – and that is because it can’t look away – technology is forcing the world to look, to know what is going on

To think that Putin did not know that the modern world had changed – to think that he believed he could just take over another country – a country that has influenced the world – a country that is connected to the world

This war signifies a change in the way war is waged in modern and future times – the world is now watching from every living room in the world – from every phone in the world

Arms are flooding in from the west to help Ukraine

Intelligence is flooding in from the west to help Ukraine

Russia cannot win but they can keep going until many are killed on both sides

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