post 3

death toll:

-civilians – 406 deaths reported by UN

-ukraine army – 1500 deaths

-russian army – 2000 deaths


-the war ravages on with the russians continuously bombing innocent civilians

-towns are being destroyed – familes are being killed

-but ukrainian’s are winning some battles – keeping the enemy back

-1.5 MIL ukrainians have fled across the borders – being welcomed – given food, clothing, transportation.  Putin is actually shelling the fleeing innocent people – these are war crimes

-oil prices are skyrocketing – getting close to all-time highs – the avg price of a gallon of gas in the US has now topped $4

-the US needs to ban all russian oil imports – we need to become energy independent – this is the time – this is the opportunity

-the problem in europe is that too many countries depend on russian oil – like italy, germany – they need to find new ways to get oil – maybe from the US once we start to drill for more on our own land

-once we all stop buying russian oil – putin and russian will go broke – the war will be over – but it will take time

-many russians continue to protest against the war back home – over 10k have been arrested – this is a good sign for the future – we can possibly turn russia towards democracy once putin is gone

-captured russian soldiers have been brainwashed to think they are liberating ukraine from supposed neo-nazis in charge – which is complete BS – how can zelensky be a neo-nazis – he is jewish!


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