post 4

death toll:

-civilians – 474 deaths reported by UN

-ukraine army – 1500 deaths

-russian army – 4500 deaths


-russia still bombing cities and civilians and bombing civilians while they flee – there is no turning back from these atrocities that the whole world can see

-all of the russian troops that were at the border have now entered ukraine – about 100k troops

-but the ukrainians are putting up a good fight and the russian advances are stalling

-there are reports that 2 russian generals have been killed and that a russian warship was sunk

-these initial results are not what putin was expecting – the ukrainians will fight to the last man – to the last street

-an international legion has been formed by thousands of non-ukrainians coming over to fight for ukraine

-2MIL ukrainians have fled the country – with this number expected to reach at least 5MIL

-biden just banned all russian imports – russian oil and gas – good gesture but it only makes up 10% of US oil imports – there are reports that biden is meeting with other countries to buy their oil – we should just produce our own and not be dependent

-the EU refuses to ban oil from russia – they are too dependent – germany gets 50% of their oil from russia – time to get off that train and get oil elsewhere – this will cripple russia

-a barrel of oil is at a 13 year high – $130 per barrel

-zelensky is back in his office in defiance of russia – he is not scared

-mcdonald’s temporarily closes all 850 restuarants in russia today


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