post 5

death toll:

-civilians – 516 deaths reported by UN

-ukraine army – 2,000–4,000 killed

-russian army – 3,500–6,000 killed


-the russians bombed a children’s hospital and maternity ward – they continue to bomb civilians without a care in the world – putin does not care

-the US will now not send the warplanes to ukraine in fear of starting a war with russia directly – but we are already giving arms to ukraine – why not planes too

-congress has just put in a bill to give billions in aid to ukraine

-arms continue to pour into ukraine to help the ukrainians fight against the russians

-russia continues to encircle all the major cities but have not started the battle in Kyiv yet – that will be the main focus

-the russians are definitely surprises by the defense being put up by the ukrainians – they did not expect this – they expected to run right over the ukrainians

-oil and gas prices continue to go up – breaking records every day

-the highest consumer price index in the US since 1981 has been recorded – inflation is going out of control due to the pressure of oil prices and this war

-russians at home are feeling the economic pinch of this war – as many western brands pull out of russia

-there are 3 ways this war ends – treaty between russia and ukraine; russia defeats ukraine and then provokes nato – nato/us/uk invade and overthrow putin; the russian people rise up and overthrow putin

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