post 7

death toll:

-civilians – 780 killed reported by UN
-civilians – 3,000 killed – reported by Ukraine

-ukraine army – 2,000–4,000 killed

-russian army – 3,000–10,000 killed

-russians continue to kill innocent civilians and the ukraines continue to resist the russian advancement

-biden is meeting with the chinese leader to see if they will come to our side – highly unlikely

-china will use this war to gain more control over russian relations – buying oil from russia and getting exports from russia at low prices

-india has not come out against russia – india is making a big mistake not joining the west and condemning russia

-india continues to do business with russia – this will be noted in the history books – india needs to make the right choice and join the west or they will be connected to the deaths of innocent people

-russia held a huge pro-war rally in moscow today – things are not right in russia – very similar scenes to the nazi rallies

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