post 8

death toll:

-civilians – 977 killed reported by UN
-civilians – 4,048–4,254+ killed – reported by Ukraine

-ukraine army – 2,000–4,000 killed

-russian army – 7,000–15,000 killed


-here we are 1 month into the war and here are some takeaways —

-russians have lost 10% of their invading force

-ukrainians are not going anywhere and are fighting better than the russians

-ukrainians are now on the offensive and are turning back the russians

-the russians only know how to send bombs to kill innocent civilians

-the russians have devastated the town of mariupol- turning it to ashes and rubble – all for what? – to create a land bridge between russia and crimea – yes – but at what cost? – killing and bombing innocent people -bombing churches, bombing schools, bombing hospitals – they will regret the day they destroyed this city and these innocent people – this will haunt them into history – they have commited many war crimes

-nato is gearing up for a fight

-biden is in europe now meeting with nato

-nato has said that if chemical or nuclear type weapons are used in ukraine – all bets are off and we will go after the russians – though they might not need our help as the ukrainians are kicking their ass

-the russian defence minister has been arrested – it’s all his fault, not putin’s – for this failing attack by the russians

-5 russian generals have been killed – the most in battle since WWII

-the russian navy is under attack by the ukrainians – ships are catching on fire

let’s see what happens next

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