post 9

death toll:

-civilians – 1,232 killed, 1,935 wounded – reported by UN
-civilians – 6,378–6,705+ killed – reported by Ukraine

-ukraine army – 2,000–4,000 killed

-russian army – 7,000–15,000 killed


-OK – we have now seen the russian forces being turned back by the ukrainians

-we are seeing the ukrainians beat the russians in this war

-we are seeing ukrainians taking back areas that were held by the russians

-there have been peace talks where the russians have said they will pull back from kyiv and only focus on the southern and eastern campaigns – but many say this is a stall tactic to regroup

-russia now says everyone has to pay in rubles for their oil – which can cripple countries like germany – so dependent on russian oil – why are they so dependent?

-BUT – here is the real problem – the russians always lose at first – and they lose some more – and they lose 1000s of soldiers – but they keep coming back and they continue to level cities with bomb after bomb – just like they did in the Chechen wars – took them years but they eventually got what they wanted

-ALSO – the people of russia are now coming around to Putin – they believe it is them against the world – the story is being crafted by the russian media and intellectuals – the “on-going fight against the west”

-this war is far from over

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