post 10

death toll:

-civilians – 1,892 killed, 2,558 wounded – reported by UN
-civilians – 12,438–12,665+ killed – reported by Ukraine

-ukraine army – 2,000–4,000 killed

-russian army – 7,000–15,000 killed


-Latest developments – russia has pulled out from all of the northern ukraine attacks, including kyiv – and is now focusing on the eastern and southern fronts

-the clear goal of russia now is to create a landbridge from crimea to mainland russia – this means taking over the southern part of ukraine – including the devastated city of Mariupol

-putin is not stopping until he gains this territory

-more tanks and troops are coming in from russia – including an 8 mile convoy going to the front right now

-putin has assigned a new military leader to take over this new stage of the war – a veteran from the syrian war – he shows no mercy and kills civilians

-putin has said that peace talks have hit a dead end – which was his plan all along – deflect, deflect, deflect until he can recover from losses and set up the new plan – take the south and east

-many claims are coming out of ukraine of russian soldiers raping ukrainian women – there are photos surfacing – war crimes are being committed.

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